The Best Dubstep Mixing & Production Software

When seeking a Dubstep mixer to produce your own original tracks, the first place you should look is a downloadable dubstep mixing software called Dubturbo.

With so many options available on the market to create music, whether it be an online Dubstep mixer or downloaded desktop software, the starting point can be difficult to identify.

Without spending $400+ on software, Dubturbo is the most viable option and for a wide variety of reasons.

Visit the manufacturer’s website here:


Setting Up Your Home Studio

The same website offers an online version of Dubturbo, but why would you rely on your internet connection, when the speed at which the sequencing software operates is paramount for professional production.

You can download this software with the same little amount of effort it takes setup an online account on the official website.

Tens of thousands of people from all over the world have realized the beauty of modern day music production. Thanks to this technology, anyone who owns a computer can download the software and commence effortless production of their own original tracks, from anywhere they please.

You may choose to add hardware later for even greater convenience, but your computer and the software is literally all you need.

To start producing and mixing Dubstep, all you need to do is:

1. Go to

2. Download the latest version of the software

3. Install and setup on your machine

4. Watch some tutorials in the member’s area

5. Start smashing out your own tracks

Optional Hardware

Dubturbo is all you need to make Dubstep, but to take your career to a professional level, perhaps consider the below.

When you are running some of the professional studio-grade software, many engineers and producers elect to add hardware to make their Dubstep creation process more hands-on and organic.

Some of the additions people choose to add are:

Depicts the drum machine window in DUBturbo

Headphones: No matter what your setup is, most people get a decent pair of headphones after a while. You will eventually realize that there is only so much clarity that your laptop or desktop computer’s speakers will provide. To hear the definition in the general low-end frequencies and bass (especially important when making Dubstep) studio “cans” or headphones will make a difference for you.

Monitor Speakers: Headphones are great for working at home (train or bus for that matter) or when you need to be considerate of others around you. However, to really hear what your music is going to sound like live or after the final master, getting a good set of studio “monitor” speakers, is one of the first ports of call for Dubstep producers. To hear your playback loud is a great way to hear exactly what is going on within the track and usually gets the creative juices flowing furthermore.

Drum Machine Midi Controllers: Some of the more well-known, old-school style Dubstep makers are mentioned to love the hands-on approach and actually sequence their kick and snare patterns by hand. In order to achieve this, Midi input drum pads or drum machines are the best option. Do note that these can be expensive and many people shy away from such (technically unnecessary) add-ons.

>>>One of the reasons Dubturbo has become so popular is that you do not require drum machines or similar, as your beats can be manually triggered with your keyboard. Not many programs enable this option.

Visit the official Dubturbo download location:


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Nicolas Jaar – Space is Only Noise

Nicolas Jaar is going to take you into his living room with Space is Only Noise. You’re going to sit on his couch, listen to him sing and play the piano and guitar, and think about dancing until you realize it’s not going to happen because the music is far to slow. But you’ll like it – you’ll want more of it. More funky string runs! More drippy subtle echoes behind the Nick Cave-y vocals!

“Too Many Kids Finding Rain In the Dust” has a massive head nod to “Red Right Hand,” but how many people cross that genre border is in doubt, so we’ll keep the murder ballads for a separate discussion …

You’ll notice the tempos of most of the tracks on this album are in that uncomfortable no-man’s-land region, clocking in typically between 90-110 bpm. The bottom end of deep house is a 118, and under that, even 4/4s sound like 2/4s, so the beats going to chug along at less than your typical resting heart rate. It’s the downer you want, it’s the downer you get.

Nicolas Jaar is a youngster, by the way. Twenty-two years old right now, born in New York but moved to Chile only to come back again later. He draws inspiration from fellow minimal-Chilean Villalobos, and though his stripped down version of the Ricardo sound isn’t as mature and intense as the other, he’s got his own take on the ‘one-thing-at-a-time’ method that has such a overwhelming connective force among people who are both bored and overwhelmed simultaneously by musicians who try to do too much.

“I Got a Woman” is a techno-lovers lullaby, slapback-echoes radiating from the broken piano, bendy big-band counterpoints punctuating the rhythm behind the single sample saying the tracks title on repeat. The French interlude in the middle, mixed with classic vinyl static, breaks up the hip-hop feel into before-and-after sections, no time and space to zone out too far on this one. It might be nap time near the end though, if you weren’t curious as to what was going to happen next

“Problems With the Sun” gives you some pitch-shifted harmonies on top of a bassline you might find in a MIDI-blender or dubstep mixer, but it works because there is simply nothing to compare it to. You’d be hard-pressed to find an influence that seeded this particular experiment – maybe the disco-bassline setting on an old casio – played underwater with old batteries. Love it.

Space Is Only Noise was released on the Circus Company label, and you aren’t familiar with some of their work, you could have an entertaining day digging into the madness that they put out. With artists like DJ Koze, dOP, Noze, and Seth Troxler, it’s one rabbit hole that you have to be fully prepared to hike down if you want to get to the bottom of the emotional and physical content that makes up the label’s back catalog. It’s a secret that’s wide out in the open – just don’t be afraid to listen to the dark side.


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Why Dubstep DJs Need a PR Kit

It is all good and well to have your tech riders and contracts in order, but you can’t simply send those papers directly to a venue or a booking agent. The Tech Rider and the Contract is more for a “second date” than your first impression. For contacting a venue you will require something a little bit more astute, a Press Release of your Act.

A Press Release is a summary of who you are, what you do and where you have performed before. A Press Kit is essential to generating new leads and is something that will continue to evolve as your career evolves. Call it the CV of your sound if it’s any easier to understand.

So what will you as a DJ need in your PR Kit? Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Dubstep PR Kit

As I mentioned that the PR kit is almost like your CV, it will have an introduction a middle and an end. Some PR kits are done well and thus get a lot more “call backs” than others, so don’t think that this is just some useless piece of information. Nay my friend, the PR kit is your key to success, at least textually and visually.  So here are elements that you will definitely need to put into your PR kit to be taken seriously and please for the love of Dubstep, take your time and dedicate energy to making your PR kit stand out from the rest.

PR Kit checklist:

  • Cover Page (This is what the venue will see when you hand them the PR Kit. Will it be just a photo of you or will you dedicate time and energy to making a kick ass cover page that will make people fall down and worship the very floor you walk on? The choice is yours, just remember that first impressions last)
  • Artist Bio (Yes you’ll need to write a bit about yourself, influences, where you are from and so forth. Make this piece very juicy, make it so that you are the most interesting DJ of them all.)
  • Pictures (These can be in black and white and should be roughly 8X10. Try to find five of your best pictures that makes you look like the Dubstep God of Dubstep)
  • Tech Rider or equipment page (Yep you’ll be putting in a simpler version of your tech rider in the PR kit. Your actual Tech rider should cover every little detail. In this version you’ll only be putting on the essentials, sound and lighting)
  • Booking Page (All your contact info, your agent or who ever you have as the person who will be making your deals for you. I would recommend your official contact for personal arrangements. It isn’t necessary to have an Agent if you are a one man sound station)
  • Songs (Put 4 or 5 of your best songs on a flash drive or burn a CD. I would personally use a flash drive but whatever you need…maybe both)
  • News paper clipping or any relevant documents (You need to show them that you have played in significant events, so put everything there that has been covered publically about you)
  • Business Card (Do I really have to explain this?)
  • Packaging (Finally you want to have a good packaging for the PR Kit. Make it unique, give it a fling, send it in a pizza box if you have to, just make it your own and impressive)



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Dubstep Hardware: Best Headphones

This is probably one of the most required tools in a DJs arsenal, and when you need to mix superbly you definitely will want to invest in some very good Headphones. After scouring thousands of forums we have compiled a list of what we think will be the best headphones for a DJ on any level.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these headphones:

AKG – K-240s $99

The K-240 from AKG is probably one of the cheaper yet good quality headphones out there. These binaural headsets will give you a warm acoustic spread and won’t take all the money out of your pocket. It’s definitely good starter headphones for anyone interested in producing. The only downside can be finding additional parts to the headphone but other than that they are sturdy and very reliable.  

Beyerdynamic – DT990 PRO $249

These open-back headphones won’t feel as “oppressive” as other headphones. The open-back design allows you to hear the music as if you would hear it in an open space. This could be troubling for some DJs as they prefer to be completely absorbed by the music. Nonetheless it is a very good option for headphones if you are interested in making good music. For the price however this might not be a good starter option for eager DJs.

Samson – RH300 Starting at $49

Let’s say you have absolutely no money to invest, or very little at the least. The RH300 from Samson might be the first set of good headphones you’ll ever buy. Even though you might not stick to these headphones for the rest of your life it is a good option to start your gear set with these. Not only will it give you a fairly decent sound spectrum it won’t tear a hole in your wallet.

Sennheiser – HD-25 $199

If you are willing to spend a bit more on some quality headphones then the Sennheiser HD-25’s are for you. This is one of the highest rated headphones for its price range and delivers exceptional quality all the time. You won’t have to worry about this baby failing you in the middle of a set and it has the ability to completely exclude any ambient sound. The build of the headphones will definitely be sturdy enough to handle even the wildest of raves. A definite buy for anyone that finds themselves in the intermediate DJ circuit. Go to:

The Final Thought:

It is very important for any producer to have a good set of headphones. The ones we have outlined up here will give you a wide range of options to choose from based on budget. I personally spend quite a lot of money on good headphones and if you ask any good producer, he or she will tell you the exact same thing.

Even though hardware is very important, I personally believe that your headphones are almost like the cornerstone of your production kit, without it you won’t be able to thin slice sounds to fit perfectly in your mix.

Thus hopefully these reviews will help you out when you’re looking for new headphones to increase the production value of your music. As I said in the beginning of the article, Headphones are probably one of the most needed tools in a DJs arsenal, so take your time when you shop.


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